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Solar Technology Innovator Tandem PV Appoints Scott Wharton as CEO

Aug 22, 2023

Four-time successful entrepreneur and seasoned Logitech exec aims to disrupt the solar industry

Tandem PV, a Silicon Valley-based solar energy company and a pioneering force in photovoltaic technology, today announced the appointment of Scott Wharton as CEO, effective July 17, 2023.

Scott Wharton comes to Tandem PV from Logitech, where he grew the early-stage video collaboration business from a small industry player of $62 million a year to over $1 billion a year global market leader. Prior to Logitech, Scott built a strong track record of scaling technology businesses. He founded Vidtel, a pioneer in cloud-based video conference services with a successful exit in 2013, after having served as an early executive at Broadsoft and VocalTec, where both companies had successful IPOs.

An early interest in the solar industry preceded his two decades of experience leading high-tech companies, a journey he details in his LinkedIn post.

“I’ve actively followed the solar industry, looking closely and extensively for the right opportunity to get back into the game,” said Scott Wharton, CEO of Tandem PV. “I found Tandem PV to be a superbly innovative company with cutting-edge technology, a world-class team, and the ability to not only scale the solar industry but to have a meaningful impact on the world and solve the biggest issue of our time: climate change.”

"Tandem PV has developed a game-changing technology that the world needs. Now, we need to harness the technology and grow it to a massive scale to meet the addressable market that’s projected to be $1 trillion per year in the next decade,” said Wharton. “I want Tandem PV to be a driver in solving the climate change crisis by reducing emissions in the gigatons.”

Colin Bailie, co-founder and former CEO of Tandem PV, will remain with the company as CTO, where he will continue to build and strengthen Tandem PV’s technical team and resources, commercialize the technology and prepare for the start-up’s first wave of manufacturing.

“Scott has both a passion for the solar industry and an unparalleled record of building and scaling up early-stage tech startups into mature, successful companies," said Colin Bailie, CTO, and co-founder of Tandem PV. “I’m incredibly excited for Scott to join and help us scale the company up while giving me the opportunity to focus on creating world-class and innovative technology that will take Tandem PV and the solar industry to the next level.”

About Tandem PV

Tandem PV, based in Silicon Valley and founded in 2016, is driving the transition to a net zero economy by developing cutting-edge perovskite-based solar panels. Venture-backed with $20 million raised and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the California Energy Commission, Tandem PV is committed to the production of highly efficient and durable solar technology suited for broad-scale deployment. For more information, please visit


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