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Investing in the Future of Energy

Tandem PV has a highly accomplished team with deep technical, manufacturing and scale-up expertise. Our disruptive technology offers the potential for up to 40% higher efficiency and lower costs compared to existing solar technologies. We have a first-mover advantage to commercialize this technology. Our vision is to revolutionize the energy landscape, making clean, efficient and affordable solar power accessible to all.

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Large Market Opportunity

Why Tandem PV?

The world needs a rapid transition to carbon neutrality. With 2023 notching the hottest year on record, most countries have set emissions-reduction targets for 2050. Fortunately, the market for renewable electricity and solar power is proven. Solar energy is already the world’s lowest-cost solution with the total addressable market for solar solutions around $150 billion. This is expected to reach $1 trillion annually in the next decade. But solar technology needs to be even cheaper, more easily manufactured and deployed faster to help the world achieve its targets. Tandem PV is poised to accelerate this transition and capture a disproportionate share of the market opportunity.

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Accelerating the Shift to Sustainability

"We've been consistently told by foremost solar industry experts that Tandem PV has the best combination of high efficiency and durability of any perovskite panel in commercial development."

- Scott Wharton, CEO

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