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    Tandem PV is a technology startup based in San Jose, California dedicated to producing 50% of global energy from solar by 2050. Tandem PV was founded by Colin Bailie and Chris Eberspacher in 2016 as part of the Department of Energy’s exclusive Cyclotron Road accelerator. 


    The company uses metal-halide perovskite/silicon tandems to upgrade silicon solar panels: sharply decreasing installed systems costs, significantly increasing module manufacturing profit margins, and opening up vast new solar markets in the US and worldwide. Tandem PV's mission to create more sustainable solar energy has been supported by the US Department of Energy ARPA-E, Advanced Manufacturing Office, Solar Energy Technologies Office,  US National Science Foundation, the California Energy Commission, and others. 

    Colin Bailie



    Chris Eberspacher

    Managing Director


  • The next generation of solar

    Mechanically-stacked perovskite+silicon tandem solar panels provide a unique opportunity for solar to reach new efficiency heights while reducing manufacturing cost.

    Our product design enables a drop-in manufacturing replacement of conventional cover glass and compatibility with established field installation methods

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    Latest announcements

    Led by Planetary Technologies

    Tandem PV will use this investment to manufacture its first commercial grade tandem solar panels in a step towards equipping residences with more sustainable, efficient and affordable solar energy.

    Led by Solar Group Indonesia

    Silicon Valley-based Tandem PV closed a $2.4 million seed round in February 2019 to commercialize an exotic new solar technology. The seed funding will go to building a perovskite cell the size of a typical silicon cell, he said. From there, the company wants to scale up to a full-sized module within three years.

    By The Solar Energy Technologies Office

    This grant is dedicated to developing 1x2m prototype perovskite+silicon tandem panels. This project will bring Tandem PV together with groups at leading universities, Prof. Jinsong Huang at UNC and Prof. David Fenning at UCSD, the equipment manufacturer FOM Technologies, and a Global Silicon SuperLeague manufacturer.

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